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Brock High School Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

To ease the process of student drop off and pick up, Brock High School Staff asks that you pull into the parking lot directly in front of the school.  Please pull forward to front door.  All cars in the line from the front door to the visitor parking signs need to exit the vehicle as quickly as possible.  You do not have to wait to get the front door to exit the vehicle.  If your child needs to bring in equipment, band instruments, school supplies or projects, we ask that you park in an available parking space.  You may then let your child gather his/her belongings and then cross the parking lot and enter the building.  This will expedite the process of student drop off.  Please follow traffic arrows to exit the parking lot. 

School ends at 3:35.  If you need to pick up your child, please pull into a parking spot and wait for your him/her.  To ease congestion while busses, faculty, other parents, students and staff are leaving for the day, do not form a line in front of the school.  Brock appreciates your help ensuring the safety of all BISD students.

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