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UIL Academics

Mathematics Team 1st in state:  2012

Mathematics Team 2nd in state :  2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011

Calculator Team 2nd in state:  2019

Number Sense Team 2nd in state:  2019

Mathematics Team 3rd in state:  2016, & 2017

Calculator Team 3rd in state:  2018


Amy Edwards – Mathematics STATE CHAMPION 2012


Attachments below indivudual student Academic results:

2022 UIL Academic State Awards

2022 UIL Academic District Awards

2020-2021 UIL District, Regional and State Results

2019-2020 Quarantine – competitions didn’t take place 

2018-2019 results – district, regional, and state.pdf

2017-2018 results – district, regional, and state.pdf

2016-2017 results – district, regional, and state.pdf

2015-2016 results – district, regional, and state.pdf


Description of HS UIL Academic Contests




UIL Summer Camp for incoming 6th through 9th grade

Math, Number Sense, & Calculator

summer of 2020 is on hold at this time becuase of the quarentine 


If you are a current senior and have participated in UIL Academics at Brock HS, then you should apply for the local Brock HS UIL Scholarship

If you have competed at STATE in Academics, then you need to apply for these scholarships 


2020-21 Season 

UIL Academic Meet Schedule of Events – March 24th

Brock Invitational Meet – January 23rd, 2021

District CX – 

State CX – 

District – 

Regional –

State non-speakers – 

State speakers – 



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